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Ryzen 5 5600G eSports Gaming PC

Ryzen 5 5600G eSports Gaming PC

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Powered by AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, fast DDR5 RAM and its great Radeon Vega graphics, this system is a great performer in all eSport titles (Rocket League, League of Legends, DOTA 2) and capable for games like GTA V, Counter Strike 2. 
Add a dedicated graphics card later! 

With over 30 years and 1000s of PC games also at your fingertips, these systems are ready for you to dip your toes into the huge world of PC gaming. Explore old titles while discovering new.


  • Ryzen 5 5600G Eight Core Processor
  • 16GB DDR4 3600 RGB RAM
  • 1TB Fast NVMe SSD storage
  • Radeon Vega Graphics
  • A520 Socket AM4 Motherboard
  • Antec NX410 RGB MicroATX Case
  • Corsair/Be Quiet 550W Power Supply
  • Windows 11 Installed

*Approximate performance, not representative of final performance.

PUBG Battlegrounds with Radeon Vega
Low 1080p: 60 fps
Low 720p: 80 fps
Rainbow Six Siege with Radeon Vega
Low 1080p: 75 fps
Grand Theft Auto V with Radeon Vega
Normal 1080p: 60 fps
Rocket League with Radeon Vega
Medium 1080p: 80 fps
DOTA 2 with Radeon Vega
Medium 1080p: 90 fps
Overwatch 2 with Radeon Vega
Medium 1080p: 60 fps
Medium 720p: 80 fps

Please allow 1-2 working weeks for part order, delivery, assembly and testing - you will be kept informed during the build of your PC before a final date for collection/delivery is arranged.

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