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PC or Laptop MoT

PC or Laptop MoT

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Computer or laptop feeling slow, sluggish or having random issues? Maybe it is in need a tune up, bring it to us in Partington, Manchester for a full MOT!

We can do antivirus scans, check for hardware errors and give your system a stress test to see what is making it misbehave - maintenance can help speed up your system or diagnose a hardware issue that requires repair or replacement. A tune up and optimisation will also be done, if there is cleaning needed and driver/BIOS updates.

Let's find out what is holding your system back, optimise and update it for the best efficiency!

This service for any desktop or laptop computer - please be aware that cost of replacement parts or upgrades will be extra if needed.

We do not do Apple computers/laptops

Please note, this requires drop off to our shop in Partington, M31 4WJ.
A date and time can be arranged for booking in your system, typical MOTs take 1-3 working days depending on availability or severity/part replacement needed.

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