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Watch your traffic and sales increase with our SEO packages

If your business is struggling to get past the third or second page of Google, our internet marketing service packages are ideal in helping your site. Getting on the front page or indeed first is a definite way to increase sales.

Top the leagues

Get an SEO package ideal to help your business go from the lower divisions to the top leagues. Our Internet marketing service is a great way to gain you more traffic and more leads.

Configured to your needs
All our internet marketing service packages are adapted and designed around your requirements - in the case of SEO, a strategy will be laid out unique to your market.
Visible Results
We provide reports and updates on the progress of your order - we try to be as transparent and as open as possible! If there is a part of your report you don't understand, we will try our best to explain it you.

SEO Packages

All our SEO packages include reports and on-page optimisation. The more ambitious and aggressive you wish to be - the bigger a campaign is needed! Each Internet Marketing Service is tailored to the business and its needs - and we believe in results!

Starter Pack
Those who want to try us out, or just need a leg up on a budget, ideal for new start ups who want to get their site in order early on in their existence

Ideal starter pack for those who just want to dip their toes into the water

Basic Content Optimisation - Pages and Images

Basic Backlinking campaign

Basic monthly report

Premium Pack
The full package, with complete reports, full optimisation and backlinking support - ideal for ambitious sites who want to be champions

For those who are ambitious. Biggest package, biggest impact.

Includes all features of smaller packages + more!

Adv. Content Optimisation - Links, Images, Pages, Posts, Categories + more

Aggressive Backlinking Campaign - Including Social boost to help raise your authority.

Special articles written and posted to your site to help traffic and generate interest

What do I get in my SEO package?

Read our FAQ for more information

Find out why WebDuke could be ideal to increase your sales

Website Design

Get a website designed to your specification on a CMS platform suitable to your needs - fully responsive mobile designs included. All sites will have Google Analytics and Search Console setup for them. Contact us for a consultation to help us decide what would be the right website for you.