Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about getting your website onto page one of Google, or want to know more about how SEO works, you should find the answer below, if not, send us an email to [email protected] and we will answer your question straight away and include it on this page for anyone else who has the same question.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is the technique of making websites rank high in the major search engines natural results (not to be confused with the paid adverts) for phrases that are important and relevant to your business, for example a “Plumber in London” or a “Florist in Southampton” would want their website to be on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing when people search for this and related phrases to help them get more new business from being found by potential customers online.

Why should I use WebDuke?

WebDuke is the ideal choice for helping businesses get found on Google, using the latest techniques and constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve with all the latest developments in SEO. With a proven track record of achieving fantastic results for our clients and will happily provide references so you can speak to current clients to ask them about their experience of working with us, please also check out our Portfolio page.

How does SEO work?

SEO is about making the search engines trust a website, in essence, the more a search engine trusts and likes a site, the higher it will place it in the search results. Gaining trust is achieved by from making websites as search engine friendly as possible, while carrying out other SEO work such as writing and publishing new content, building new links from related websites and making on-site changes to code and on-page content.
Eventually, search engines will see an increase in positive activity, this will create a chain reaction, which should cause the site to start moving up the search results, by keeping up this momentum the site should continue to keep moving up the rankings. Although we don’t tie you into long contracts for 12 months, and are free to cancel at any time, it is ideal to maintain this momentum as it can stop as soon as it started.

How long does it take?

When we start work on a new SEO campaign, there is often a lot to do in order to make the website as search engine friendly as possible, results won’t come overnight, it takes a little bit of time to start building up momentum. Usually by the end of the first months work we see websites starting to creep up the rankings, then into months 2/3 we generally start to see some good front page coverage, this is the point where our clients usually see a difference in terms of increased visitor numbers, enquiries and sales.

How much does SEO cost?

It varies depending on what keywords you want to get onto page one of Google for and the level of competition for the phrases as to the amount of time and resources that will need to be put into a campaign, please request an website SEO review with the link at the bottom of this page and we will come back to you with a proposal and cost, we will usually come back to you within two hours during normal office hours, otherwise it will be the next day.

What keywords do you target?

We can target whatever keywords you want, so long as they are relevant and specific to the website and service/product you offer, we will always provide our own research, input and ideas on the best keywords to get onto page one of Google, by working closely with our clients we always come up with a good list of words and phrases that everyone is happy with.

How many keywords can I have in an SEO campaign?

At the start of a campaign we spend time researching the best keywords for your business to appear on page one of Google for, it is vital to have a list that we are confident we can get on page one of Google and you are happy will put your website in front of the right audience.

The number of keywords/phrases we can target varies depending on a number of factors, including the size of the website, but as a guide, we usually target between 20-50 keywords/phrases.

Will you need to access my website?

Ideally we would like to have access to a website to work on it, however, this isn’t always possible and in some cases we simply work directly with whoever looks after the website to ensure the necessary SEO changes are made on-site, if we can’t have direct access to the website, it isn’t a problem and we can still carry out the work. However, in order to ensure maximum effect and to be able to provide in-depth reports and analysis, it is recommended that access is provided to allow the full capability of our tools and reporting systems to be utilised.

Access that would be preferred include:

  • Login to your website CMS/Dashboard
  • FTP/server login for files
  • Permission/access given to social media accounts to track trends and collect stats
  • Permission/access given to Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools to aid with tracking keywords and reporting
  • Permission/access given to Bing Webmaster Tools to aid with tracking and reporting
  • Permission/Access to Google Analytics to aid with tracking and reporting

What changes will you make to my website?

Normally we don’t make any changes that your visitors will see (unless you ask us to), all the changes we make are designed to make the site as search engine friendly as possible, usually we will change things like meta titles, meta descriptions, sitemaps, Robots.txt, internal linking, image tags and any content that needs rewriting (we would consult you about this first), in addition we like to have a news or blog area on the site to publish the new content/articles we will write for you (all content is approved by you before being published to the site). Sometimes we may suggest new pages or content in order to help your site improve it’s ranking.

What content/articles do you write?

By publishing original, well written and unique content to your website on a regular basis, we will help to grow the authority of the site in the eyes of the search engines. The more often new content is published, the more of an interest the search engines will take in the site and the more often they will come back to the site. When this is combined with other SEO work, such as link building and other on and off-site SEO work, this can really help build up the momentum to get the site moving up the search results.
All content is sent to you for approval before it is published on site.
Once the search engines have found the new content on site and credited you as the author we usually publish it into press release portals across the web, this helps generate more links and drive more traffic to the site.

Among other things, Google measures the importance of a website on how many other sites link to it, so it is vital that your website has the very best link profile and also has an ever growing number of new sites linking to it, this will ensure the level of trust and authority keeps on growing.
It is important that any new links are from quality websites, ideally related to what your site is about, as an example, a good link for a Courier Company would be a link from a news article about “Parcel Deliveries” as this is relevant and from a well trusted website.
We spend time hunting out quality links to ensure our clients have an ever improving link profile that will ensure they are well rewarded in the search results. If we find links that are deemed harmful or “toxic” we shall get them removed in order to help protect your site and its ranking.

What other SEO work do you do?

As well as on-site changes, content writing and publication and link building, there is a wide range of other SEO work we undertake to ensure the very best results, some of the main areas of work include: Competitor Analysis, Traffic Analysis, Broken Link Checks, Keyword Analysis and Research, Image Optimisation, Google Places, Maps and Google + Page Optimisation and a whole lot more. As part of our services, we also provide tips and advice to promote a healthy working habit so that your employees learn to follow SEO practices and procedures.
If you would like a detailed proposal setting out all of the work we would do to get your website ranking high in Google simply request a Website SEO Review using the link at the bottom of this page.

Can you help with social media (Facebook/Twitter)?

Yes, we can include optimising and promoting your social media pages, including writing daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In (all posts are approved by you before they are published), and if you don’t currently have a social media presence we can take care of creating one for you. We tailor every SEO campaign to match each clients individual social media needs and will ensure we do all we can to promote your business in the most effective way possible. These are extra services outside of our SEO campaigns are known as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Do you get involved in Blackhat SEO?

Blackhat SEO involves using techniques to optimise a website that are against Googles guidelines on best practice SEO, Blackhat SEO can result in quick front page rankings, but often ends up in sites being penalised by search engines. As a long term strategy Blackhat SEO is a bad idea and it can damage your website rankings permanently. We only use SEO techniques that are Whitehat and fall in line with Googles own guidelines on SEO best practice, this means there is no risk of any penalties from the work we do, everything we do is designed to grow trust and authority with the search engines and help your site get to the front page and stay there for the long term.

Do you provide reports?

We believe it is important to provide a benchmark and measure progress in a clear and transparent way, we provide monthly keyword ranking reports that show where every keyword we are working on is appearing in the major search engines, the report also shows the movement for each keyword compared to the previous month as well as a summary detailing how many keywords are in the top 10, top 20, top 30 and so on, we send you a PDF version as well as access to an online portal which contains even more data for you to look at.
If you like to have more detailed reporting, we can also provide data on visitor numbers and their behaviour and the links we have built, this is optional depending how much data you would like.

What results can I expect?

Our aim is to get as many of the keywords that we are targeting onto page one of Google and the other major search engines as possible, the more work we do to grow trust, authority and momentum, the better the results should get. Most of our clients get excellent front page coverage that makes a real difference to visitor numbers, enquiry levels and new sales/orders.

How do you measure success?

Our aim is to get your website ranking well in Google and the other search engines, this in turn should improve your visitor numbers, enquiry levels and sales/orders, we hope to grow your business and show you an excellent return on your investment in SEO.

How long do I need to keep doing SEO for?

As the results don’t come overnight it is important to view SEO as a slightly longer term marketing strategy, it makes sense to initially allow around three months to measure the results and success, from there you can take a view as to whether you continue or whether we adapt the strategy and keywords we are targeting, if you want to stop, you can, at any time, without any charges or penalties.

Am I tied into a contract?

No, we don’t have any contracts or other tie ins, if you want to stop, you can, at any time, without penalty. We want our clients to stay with us because they are happy with the results we are achieving for them, not because they are trapped in a contract they can’t get out of.

What if I want to stop?

You can stop at any time, without any penalties.

Are there any setup costs or hidden charges?

No, we don’t charge any setup costs and there are no hidden charges.

Will my sales/enquiries/orders improve?

When your website makes it onto page one of Google you should see a big improvement in visitor numbers, enquiries and sales/orders, however, if your site isn’t as appealing and engaging as it could be, you may not see a huge improvement. We will work with you to ensure you get the maximum amount of conversions from your increased website traffic, we address this at the start of the campaign by putting together a constructive critique and a plan of what needs to be done to get your website converting at the highest level, this goes hand in hand with being on page one of Google for keywords that are important to your business.

How do I get started?

It’s easy, first request a free website SEO review (at the bottom of the page), we will email you with a proposal and review of your site, if you want to get the ball rolling simply email us back or call us, it is very straightforward to get your SEO campaign underway, we just need to agree on the keywords and obtain access to the website or get details of who looks after the site.

How do I pay?

When you decide to go ahead with the SEO campaign we take payment for the first month at the start, most of our clients pay by debit or credit card, but you can also do a bank transfer or a PayPal payment, following this we will send an invoice monthly with your keyword ranking report.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, as well as search engine optimisation we can also help with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, website design and development. We can also offer web hosting via a mutual partner. Contact us if you require more details.