Web Design Case Study: Hampdach Dachshunds

Case study

Web Design Case Study: Hampdach Dachshunds

Dog Showing Kennels Hampdach Dachshunds were in need of a new website...

Old site, old standards. Low rankings.
Google didn't exist when this domain was originally setup! As a result the site was woefully under optimised for today's modern search engines and the web environment. It was also far more vulnerable to exploits and attacks. A complete revamp of the site was needed, only assets kept was the photos.
A lot of thought and history went into the design
Hampdach was a well known dog showing kennel, with puppies and fans all over the world. It was decided a good looking site that could stand out for the next ten years was needed. One that celebrated the dogs and the people behind them!
It was fun looking back through time
It was a fun project, looking back through time with the old website was a look at how things used to be, then winding the clock forward building up the history of the kennels and its people.

Evolution of Hampdach Dachshund's design

The original website. Hardly changed since 2004, and not maintained since 2012 was in dire need of a complete overhaul to reach modern standards.

The first redesign of Hampdach, although looked nice didn't have a comfortable looking layout and UI

Second and final design for Hampdach. A better menu and layout was constructed along with links/features under the slider. This got the message across a lot better while improving navigation and user experience.

A new logo was designed for the site, kept simple and to the point.

Hampdach's traffic has improved since the relaunch with some basic SEO

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