SEO Case Study: Get My Market

Case study

SEO Case Study: Get My Market

October 2016, High Net Worth Database site Get My Market relaunched

Brand new site, brand new SEO project
Get My Market was targeted towards the luxury market and high net worth investors, and with the relaunch it was felt SEO was needed from the beginning to help put the new site in a stronger position from the start.
A cooperative effort between the site admin and WebDuke ensured a good start to the sites relaunch.
Working with the site admin and owner, Get My Market relaunched with proper optimisation and keyword targeting than would have been possible. As a result once the search engines began to register the changes, Get My Market's traffic began to pick up pace.
The site was lacking backlinks
Backlinks are crucial to helping any site rank, and Get My Market was no different. Just like its affiliated site The Foxley Docket, a backlink campaign was begun to begin stree Domain and Trust Authority with leading SEO metrics.

Reports highlighting Get My Market's performance

UPDATE: FIRST place on Google for multiple keywords!

Organic traffic Growth Dec 2016 - Feb 2017

Jan 2017 versus Dec 2016

Break down of each traffic type

Keyword rankings over 30 days in Jan - Feb 2017

Keyword and Traffic Growth December 2016

Keyword and Traffic Growth January 2017

Keyword and Traffic Growth March 2017

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