SEO Case Study: The Foxley Docket

Case study

SEO Case Study: The Foxley Docket

In May 2016 SEO was started for the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine The Foxley Docket

Foxley was targeted for the wrong keywords initially

In the beginning, it was determined that Foxley was focused towards keywords that most people would not have thought of, or even relate the magazine with them. A new strategy was begun. With the shift towards more higher ranking bigger volume keywords, Foxley's traffic began to pick up as the site was better optimised for Google etc

Speed was an issue.

Foxley's website performance was low, very low. Checks and scans were done on the site to determine what the technical issues were that could be holding back the server. After a lot of tweaks involving compression, optimisation and clearing out redundant code it's performance picked up by almost 3 fold.

The site was lacking backlinks
Backlinks are crucial to helping any site rank, and Foxley needed them. Finding quality and relevant backlinks have helped drive more traffic to Foxley and increased it's Domain and Trust Authority with leading SEO metrics.

Reports highlighting The Foxley Docket's performance

Keyword Rankings in January 2017

Keyword Rankings in February 2017

Keyword Rankings in March 2017

Traffic between May 2016 - Feb 2017 versus previous 7 months

Monthly traffic growth broken down by type

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